FAQ - Q2

Q2. What is "copyrighted work"?

"Copyrighted work" or "work" is defined as "a production in which thoughts or sentiments are creatively expressed and which falls within the literary, academic, artistic or musical domain" in Copyright Act. Simple data such as the height of Fukuoka Tower is 234 meters, ideas that are not creative, that are commonplace, sentences, etc. are excluded from the copyrighted work.

Q1. Can I use works of others as educational materials without authorization?
Q2. What is "copyrighted work"?
Q3. What should I do when using foreign copyrighted works as educational materials in Japan or using Japanese copyrighted works as educational materials abroad?
Q4. Do I need to obtain prior authorization to use copyrighted work evenin academic institutions such as universities?
Q5. Can I use a DVD I purchased or a video published on the web for classes?
Q6. What should I do to obtain authorization from copyright owners?
Q7. How can I obtain authorization when using charts etc. published in academic journals as educational materials?
Q8. How can I distribute educational materials including works of others on a website?
Q9. Can I modify and use the copyrighted works of others(e.g. figures and tables)?
Q10. How can I indicate my sources?
Q11. Can I translate and use the copyrighted works as educational materials?
Q12. What should I do with regards copyright processing to publish a recorded lecture?
Q13. Do you have any questions about copyright, which don't relate to digital educational material development?