Recording and Publishing

To support the creation of high-quality educational materials, ICER(Innovation Center for Educational Resource) offers Kyushu University lecture recording and publishing services. You can have your lecture recorded, edited and uploaded to video sharing on Kyushu University official channels (YouTube, iTunes Podcast, OCW)

Or if you have already recorded your lectures, publishing is also possible.

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Process Flowchart

 ■ ICER■ Applicant

"Recording /Publication Request Form" Download (Ecxel 33KB)

Please send us "Recording/Publication Request Form" in email attachment. We will reply after receiving the request.
By meeting, telephone or e-mail
Please make sure to write the citations when using copyrighted materials on the slides of lectures according to the copyright law.
>>more details
We will ask the details(camera placement, voice recording, time schedule, etc.)
Please make sure that all participants who will be on the video agree to be recorded and published. There are 2 ways to make agreement “verbally” and “in writing”. >>more details We will record your lecture.
(Usually we start to prepare 1 hour before recording)
We might contact you for details.
  The video will be edited for publication. We remove any part that is not necessary.
Please check if any part still needs to be edited and grant your permission for publication of the video if there is no problem. We will e-mail you the URL(limited access) to check the video.
After your confirmation, the video will be published in Kyushu University official channels (YouTube, iTunes Podcast, OCW).
We will inform you the published URL.
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