About ICER

High-quality materials and resources for education are crucial in human-resource development. They can raise learners' enthusiasm, and they help bestow on the student a positive and autonomous will to learn.

At the Innovation Center for Educational Resource, Kyushu University, we promote the use of educational materials and methods based on instructional design, collaborative learning and student driven learning. Through this we hope to encourage the use of more autonomous and practical learning techniques in universities.

In addition, through use of interactive 3D multimedia and competitive activities; educational materials in line with new technologies such as mobile terminals and digital broadcasting etc., we offer educational techniques that will spur the interest of students and provide tools that can help faculty prepare effective materials.

Moreover, by using on-demand learning tools such as YouTube and OCW (Open course Ware), making full use of SNS, and preparing a copyright system for re-use of educational contents, we will take the lead in publicizing knowledge and organizing learning communities.

Through these activities, we will contribute to the education and development of the exceptional young workforce in the new generation.