Yoshihiro Okada

ICER (Innovation Center for Educational Resource) was established at Kyushu University Library in April 2011 for enhancing educational quality in the university by providing effective e-Learning materials using cutting-edge ICT (Information & Communication Technology).

ICER has mainly done the following activities since being established:

  • The recording, editing and release of lecture videos.
  • Production of MOOC(Massive Open Online Course) contents.
  • Development and support of e-Learning materials using recent ICT.
  • Lectures providing knowledge required when making e-Learning materials, covering issues such as copyright.

Lecture videos we record and edit are released through OCW (Open Course Ware), iTunes and YouTube services. These are available not only for university, but also public use. For the development of subsidiary e-Learning materials with ICT, we aim to provide materials that enable students to efficiently learn using various devices such as PCs, smartphones, tablets and so on. Also, we want to develop more effective e-Learning materials in collaboration with our students, taking on board their ideas and opinions to make even more effective educational materials.

Since Kyushu University promoted the students’ BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and installed e-Learning environments such as the wireless LAN services, the students and the teachers are able to learn and teach with e-Learning materials at anytime and anywhere in the campuses. By providing e-Learning materials, the students may use them prior to class for self-study, and the faculty may give more advanced exercises, discussions and lectures in face-to-face classes.

Please make good use of this center for e-Learning material production and to improve the quality of education in the university. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.