MOOC is an abbreviation of Massive Open Online Course, these are free courses, made available online to the public. We have been working on MOOC educational material creation at ICER since 2014 .

MOOC courses published by ICER have the following features. Firstly, ICER can create video content at our own studio, so we can create content independently. Our staff have a close relationship with lecturers which helps with our goal of creating high quality educational materials.

Also, we cater for the global MOOC learner audience by incorporating English language educational materials and English subtitles into our videos.

For the MOOC videos we have published up till now, we have a student course completion rate of between 27 and 38%. This is very favorable rate when compared to the rates of general overseas MOOC courses.

For information about lectures we have published on MOOC to date, please see the below links.

JMOOC(OpenLearning, Japan)
Science and Technology of Taste and Odor
Global Social Archaeology:expanded edition
Introduction to Cutting-edge Cyber Security for Individuals and Organizations
Global Social Archaeology