Introduction to Cutting-edge Cyber Security for Individuals and Organizations

Course Overview

In this course, you will learn the appropriate way to deal with cyber-attacks to live in a safe cyber space. We need to be able to mitigate and prevent new cyber risks, which means we need to understand the new methods and techniques being used by attacks. Kyushu University has established Cybersecurity center which is dedicated to conducting advanced research into the different areas involved with cybersecurity and preventing attacks, collaborating with various international organizations. Fully using our knowledge and experience, we will provide three weeks’course. In the first week, you will be able to learn about new cyber-attack mechanisms which are used against secure computer networks. In the second week, you will learn further techniques and strategies that are being implemented in the ever growing cyber arena. In the last week, you will learn how various organization networks can be built with a focus on preventing and mitigating risks from outside attackers.

Course Objectives

The course will provide the basic knowledge for Cybersecurity, which the learners need to understand in the process of growing up in the cyber space.

As beginners, you will be able to understand the most current cyber-security issues.
As intermediate leaners, you will be able to understand topics you should explore to solve the cyber-security problems.
As advanced learners, you will be able to understand how organizations should be to tackle with the cyber-security issues.

Course Plan

Week1: Undetectable Current Cybersecurity Threat

Lesson1. Totally Different Cybersecurity Threat
Lesson2. Zero Day Attack
Lesson3. Watering Hole Attack
Lesson4. List Based Attack
Lesson5. Advanced Persistent Threat

Week2: New Defense Methods against Undetectable Threat

Lesson1. Limitations of Firewall and Intrusion Prevention/Detection Systems
Lesson2. Unknown Threat Detection by Sand-box
Lesson3. SIEM
Lesson4. Management of Organization Security Weak Points
Lesson5. New Cybersecurity Education Using Cyber Rage

Week3: New Cyber Risk Aware Organization

Lesson1. Cybersecurity Compliance
Lesson2. CSIRT: Computer Security Incident Response Team
Lesson3. Security Policy
Lesson4. ISMS: Information Security Management System
Lesson5. CIO (Chief Information Officer) and CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)

profile of Prof / Staff

Koji OKAMURA has been researching on Internet Technology at Graduate School of Kyushu University and companies since 1988. He started working on Security issues after he became a faculty member of Computer and Network Center of Kyushu University in 2000. He has extensive experience with security problems from real Kyushu University Campus network as a Cyberspace for more than 10 years. He became Vice-CISO of Kyushu University and started working against security problems politically, and at present, he is the director of Cybersecurity Center. Now he totally manages Cybersecurity issues of whole Kyushu University.

Premise-type Knowledge

Anyone who uses a computer and networks.


  1. Three Weekly tests, multiple-choice questions, which count for 60 points in total.
  2. Final exam, multiple-choice questions, which counts for 40 points.

Completion requirements

  • Taking the three Weekly tests, and the final exam.
  • Achieving 60 points or above from the weekly tests and the final exam.

The due for the weekly tests and the final exam: December 8, 2015.
Issued date of the certificate: December 14, 2015.


Yamada, T. (2014). Joho no security to rinri [Security and ethics of Informaation]. Tokyo: Foundation for the promotion of the Open University of Japan.
Yagi, A., Akiyama, M. & Murai, J. (2015). Computer Network Security. Tokyo: Corona Publishing Co., Ltd.