【College student / graduate student】 Contents production staff wanted

We are looking for a person who can produce digital teaching materials with high learning effect by utilizing advanced ICT together. We are waiting for everyone's entry.

1. Number of new hires: Some people

2. Entry condition: College student / Graduate student of Kyushu University who have
          knowledge and willingness in any one of the following two areas
 Ⅰ.Video production(video shooting and editing using software such as Adobe Premiere,
   After Effects, Final Cut)
 Ⅱ. CG production (CG Production using drawing software such as Clip Studio,
   Photoshop with pen tablet)
 ※Minimal Japanese to communicate is must.

3. Description of job: Video shooting, editing and publishing of lectures and symposiums
           Production of illustrations for educational materials

4. Hourly wage: From 900 to 1000 JPY

5. Place of work: Innovation Center for Educational Resources where is on the 3rd floor
         of the central library next to the Shiiki auditorium of Ito campus

6. Travel expenses: Not included

7. Shifts: Negotiable

8. Application deadline: June 7, (Fri) 2019

9: Application method/Contact:
Attach a resume (Face picture, Name, Department, Affiliation, Student ID number, Career, etc.) and “About yourself” (Skill and Experience, etc. You can attach your work), then send a mail to the address below. You can use any format on these documents.

Mail: recruit@icer.kyushu-u.ac.jp (Staff: Haga)

Selection process: After screening of application materials, we will conduct an interview.
         The place and time of the interview will be notified by e-mail.
After adoption: Those who are adopted will be registered as a student staff at our center.
        When center receive a job offer, we will notify all registrants about the
        details of the job by e-mail, and we will ask the person who matches the
        schedule and skill among the registrants.