FD Seminar

As part of the University Faculty Development(FD) activities being carried out by the educational planning board, ICER provides the following seminars.

1) 'WebGL': Seminar aimed at digital educational material developers and interactive 3D content developers

Explanation about a 3D contents browsing system that uses WebGL.
Click here to see information about WebGL.
Seminar Documents

2) 'iBooks Author': Seminar aimed at digital educational material developers and interactive 3D content developers

An introduction to digital educational resource development using iBooks(software for reading electronic books on iPad). We give a practical workshop using iBooks Author(software for editing electronic books for iPad).
For information about use of iBooks Author please click here.

iBooks Author can only be run on Mac OS X Lion/Mountain Lion. When attending this seminar please bring a Mac Notebook with iBooks Author installed. Also, to read the lecture documentation you will need an iPad, ICER has a limited number of Mac notebooks and iPads that can be prepared for use in the seminar if required. Please ask our staff for more information.

3) Copyright Seminar on Digital Educational Resources

Through use of the internet; creation and provision educational materials for example lecture notes distribution and video distribution, has become far easier. However, when said educational materials contain copyrighted illustrations, pictures, or articles etc. there are important points that need to be remembered and appropriate actions taken.

With that in mind we explain: the Copyright Act, guidelines created by copyright holders, and give concrete examples/solutions to copyright issues. You can request a specific theme in advance, or you can bring along your own materials/questions on the day.

Seminar Documents

If requested, we can carry out this seminar at your department/section※. Please request seminars using the following form. (※limited to on campus)